Crowned earthstar ( Geaster or Geastrum Coronatus )

Crowned earthstar

Grows about 1 to 2 inches at maturity and splits into between four and eight strongly curved petals which often raise the whole body above the ground. A ridge outlines the central mouth region of the inner-ball. They grow singularly or in small groups. Found in wooded areas.

According to encyclopedia of life this species falls under family Geastraceae, which is presently a valid listing in the database.

Taxonomic Hierarchy
Crowned Earthstar Crowned Earthstar, Geastrum coronatum or Geaster coronatum
Kingdom Fungi – champignons, Fungo, fungi
Division Basidiomycota – basidio's, basidiomycetes, club fungi
Class Basidiomycetes
Order Lycoperdales
Family Geastraceae
Geastraceae, Taxonomic Serial No.: 623892

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