Yellow-Green Algae

Yellow Green Algae

This group has yellow pigment and stores food reserves as oils vs. starch. A majority live in fresh water, some on soil. Vaucheria a tubular alga. is commonly aquatic. Some species form a feltlike mat in wet soil. Tribonema is a filamentous alga found in ponds and ditches with cell walls of overlapping H-shaped pieces which are difficult to see. Botrydium grows on mud or on moist soil and is about the size of a pinhead.

botrydium granulatum
botrydium granulatum


Taxonomic Hierarchy
Kingdom Chromista
Subkingdom Chromista
Division Xanthophyta – yellow-green algae
Direct Children:
Class Xanthophyceae
Xanthophyta, Taxonomic Serial No.: 1882

References and Further Reading

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