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( ə-blēk )
( ō-blīk )


Oblique leaf
Oblique leaf


[L. obliquuis < ob- (see OB-) + liquis, awry].

  1. Having a slanting direction or position, neither horizontal or perpindicular, neither level or upright; inclined
  2. Lacking a straight to the point characteristic. Failure to be straightforward; indirect
  3. therefore,
  4. Evasive, disingenuous, underhand, etc.
  5. In anatomy, designating any certain muscles obliquely placed and attached.
  6. In botany, having unequal sides as with some leaves.
  7. In grammar, designating any case except the nominative and vocative (sometimes the accusative).
  8. In rhetoric, indirect: said of discourse.


  1. To veer from the perpendicular; slant.
  2. In military usage, to change the original direction of march by approximately 45 degrees.

Abbreviated as obl.

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